Single toolset to increase sales on all key e-commerce platforms


Grow GMV and Optimize ROAS

Save time and energy

Manage every ads type at once

Onsite marketing management

  • Consistently have products and stores displayed in the top 3 of any search results, at any given time, on every e-commerce platform in SEA.
  • Conveniently and easily manage all the different types of marketing solutions available.
Shopee: Keyword Bidding, Shops Ads.
Lazada: Sponsored Keywords
Tokopedia: Top Ads and Headline Ads
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Mass setting adjustments

  • Simplify life and mass upload all campaigns, SKUs, keywords and bidding prices.
  • Save energy with mass setting edits: conveniently change bidding prices, SKU statuses and rules with a simple click.
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Live and real time dashboard

  • Customize dashboard with all relevant KPIs (GMV, ads contribution to GMV, impressions, CTR, CR, ROAS, CIR) to understand real-time what is happening. Review past performances to keep on improving results.
  • Select the frequency of the data you want to see. We cover it all: daily, weekly, monthly AND historically.
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Maximize performance

Automate goal optimizations

Programmatic goal optimization

  • Allow Epsilo to automate the keyword bidding process and optimize bidding prices in a real time manner. No more manual increases (or decreases) of the bidding price every 5 min during campaign day to maximize sales (to optimize budget).
  • Consistently track and control through automation on stock levels so that overspending never happen. Pause all bids at once for all SKUs that are running out of stock. Resume them as easily after replenishing.
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Smart recommendations

  • Get accurate and relevant SKU and keyword selection recommendations to maximize GMV.
  • And that’s not all…. Receive optimal bidding price recommendations to improve ROAS.
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Opportunity and risk assessment

  • Never lose on an opportunity to sell more or to spend less: we assess all relevant opportunities and risks associated with budget, wallet and inventory level.
  • Get notified about the effectiveness of campaigns and rules settings across different brands, platforms and geographies.
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Leverage actionable insights to stay on top of competition

Boost growth engine

Maximize GMV

Omni channel sales insights

  • Monitor real time sales across all channels and geographies and visualize them per brand, shop and SKUs. Our dashboard covers both the “retail” and “marketplace” models.
  • Get automated insights and alerts on performance and understand where you are doing good and where you need to improve.
  • Review historical trends and sales contributions over time so that you get both the big picture and the granularity you need to increase sales.
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Smart pricing insights

  • Monitor what all competitors do and how much they are selling their products at. We track prices and discounts real time but also over time, so that you are always the most informed seller on the marketplace.
  • Get automated pricing reports and insights and understand the impact on conversion rate and sales for all your stores, SKUs across platforms and geographies.
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End to end marketing insights

  • Monitor real time offsite (Google and Facebook) and onsite (search and stores ads) marketing performance for all stores and SKUs in each marketplace and geography. From impressions, to click through rate, to conversion rate and ROAS - we cover every KPI of the conversion funnel.
  • Get automated insights and alerts on the effectiveness of marketing. Be guided by our big data and expert team, optimize accordingly and enjoy maximized sales and superior ROIs.
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Inventory insights

  • Understand the performance of total inventory across shops, platforms and geographies. Breakdown inventory into segments and receive actionable insights for each on stock movement, aging and depletion.
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Onsite CX and UX insights

  • Understand how the quality of content (product description and product images) impacts conversion and sales across shops, marketplaces and geographies.
  • Stay connected to customers and their feedback by reviewing customer product ratings and product reviews dashboard.
  • Get automated actionable insights on how and where to improve CX and UX: from content to customer ratings and reviews. 5/5 stars goes a long way to increase sales!
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Customer profiling

  • Review and analyze how much customers buy and how often across all channels and geographies. Understand who buys what, when, where and how on a real time basis.
  • Keep track of the number of shop followers and get actionable insights (price reduction, vouchers, direct messaging, etc) to convert them into repeat buyers. To make things even easier, we will connect to the CRM.
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Sell the right way at scale

Simplify the selling process

Sell everything, everywhere, at once

Centralized product listing and management

  • Mass upload, manage and update all products listing across all the leading SEA e-commerce channels
  • Mass upload new product pictures. Mass edit product descriptions. Turn on, turn off multiple SKUs, adjust it all in just a couple clicks
  • Create and sell bundles easily
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Mass setting adjustments

  • Mass set up and mass adjust the prices and discounts of SKUs across all stores, platforms and geographies. Additionally, schedule varying prices and discounts to your SKUs (during campaign days for instance)
  • Get insights on competitors’ pricing in a real time manner so that you always stay on top of the curve
  • Get real time recommendations on the prices and discounts at any time so that you can consistently maximize sales and profitability (beta version)
  • Breakdown of discounts (subsidies) and recording
  • Set a multi-level approval process to ensure selling prices are correctly set up
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Maximize performance

Simple unified inventory management

Programmatic goal optimization

  • Know real time across all stores, platforms and geographies where you have too much stock and too little stock
  • Get insights on the right level of stocks needed per SKU and receive customizable alerts on stock positions on a daily basis
  • Replenish on time, automatically adjust and distribute stock levels across the platforms where there is demand. Never run out of stock and never lose a sale
  • Set a multi-level approval process to ensure POs are properly raised on and in time
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Smart recommendations

  • Process thousands of orders across multiple platforms in a couple clicks only. Save time and energy instead of going through each order individually
  • Ship on time and avoid customer order cancellations and complaints. Ace fulfillment via our multiple API connections (enablers / marketplaces) and maximize your net merchandise value always
  • Know real time what the status of each order is across all marketplaces: picked, packed, ready to ship, shipped, delivered, cancelled, returned (we ensured you see the same statuses across all marketplaces) and optimize each step along the way
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