A Short Introduction to Lazada Sponsored Ad Products

August 26, 2021

Lazada Sponsored Search FAQs

Q: What is Sponsored Search

A: Sponsored Search is an efficient and easy way to discover your products on Lazada search results. Search is a cost-per click, keyword-targeted solution that enables a seller to promote the products they sell.

Q: Who can use Sponsored Search? 

A: At this moment, only whitelisted sellers will have access to Sponsored Search

Here is the eligibility criteria for sellers to use Sponsored Search on Lazada:

  • an active seller account
  • product listings in one or more of the available categories (reach out to the seller support tea for more information) 

Q: Why should I use Sponsored Search?

A: Sponsored Search uses a cost-per click, auction-based pricing model. You set the maximum amount you're willing to pay when a customer clicks on your product. The more competitive your bid is, the more likely it is that your product will be displayed. You're often charged less than your bid price.

Q: Where will the Sponsored Search product appear? 

A: Sponsored Search may be displayed at the top or within search results. At this time, the products will appear on Lazada app's search result.

Q: Where are customers taken when they click on my Sponsored Search product?

A: When customers click your product, they will go to the product's description page (PDP).

Q: What products are ineligible for Sponsored Search?

A: At this time, Lazada does not support promotion of adult products, used products, refurbished products and products in prohibited categories.

Setting up your campaign

I. Budget

Q: What's the minimum daily budget for Sponsored Search campaign? 

A: The minimum daily budget for Sponsored Search is $1.00 USD.

Q: How does Sponsored Search budget work? 

A: You set a daily budget for your campaign. The daily budget is the daily amount you are willing to spend on a campaign. Daily budgets are not paced throughout the day, meaning a smaller daily budget could be spent in a few minutes if there are a large number of shoppers interested in your products.

Regardless, you must control and optimize the daily amount you want to spend on Sponsored Search.

Q: How will my products be served each day? 

A: The delivery of your promoted products is dependent upon the budget and the bids set by you. A higher bid and budget will fetch more impressions.

II. Schedule

Q: Can I schedule the Sponsored Search? 

A: Yes, you may schedule your Sponsored Search products promotion by setting a start and end date.

III. Product Selection

Q: How many products can I select for Sponsored Search?

A: You may select up to 5 products during campaign creation. After the campaign has been successfully created, you may add up to 50 products per campaign.

IV. Keywords

Q: What are keywords? 

A: Keywords are a single word or phrase describing your product. Keywords are matched to search terms that customers use to search for products on Lazada and determine when your products may appear.

To start, we recommend using the suggested keywords when creating your campaigns.

Q: How are the keywords generated? 

A: Lazada helps you by recommending relevant keywords and bid price for your product selection. Lazada's Sponsored services engine will generate recommended keywords based on the Lazada organic search historical data, which would help promote your product selection.

Q: How do I select the right keywords? 

A: You may want to select keywords relevant to the products you have selected.

Q: Can I bid on my brand name?

A: Yes, you may bid on your brand name.

Q: Can I big on any competitor keywords? 

A: Bidding of competitor keywords is not allowed in Lazada Sponsored Search.

Q: What are the different keyword match types available? 

A: At this time, Sponsored Search only support broad match modifier match type. Broad match modifier match type allows more shoppers to see your ad, but only if these shoppers search for products relevant to your keyword.

Q: Can I apply negative match type keywords?

A: At this time, we do not have the option to apply negative match type keywords.

V: Bid

Q: What is bid price? 

A: Bid price indicates the highest amount you're willing to pay for a click on your product.

Q: If a seller wins an auction, how much do they pay?

A: If a seller wins the auction, they pay the second one's auction price (or add a little on top of the second bidding).

VI: Post-campaign set up

Q: Can I review the promoted products before they go live?

A: All successfully created promoted products are eligible to run immediately. However you may review your products in the Overview page.

Q: Can I change my budget? 

A: Yes, you may increase or decrease your daily budget once your products are live.

Q: What happens if the campaign goes out of budget? 

A: You will see an 'out of budget' message in the campaign page. You may adjust your campaign budget or top up your ad credits to resume campaign delivery.

Q: Can I delete keywords? 

A: Yes, keywords may be deleted at any time. However, deleted keywords cannot be re-activated again.

Q: Can I see the deleted keywords and its performance? 

A: Yes, you can see the deleted keywords along with the performance.

Q: Can I change the bid price for each keyword? 

A: Yes, you may change the bid price for each keyword at anytime during the campaign.

VII. Troubleshooting & Optimization

Q: What are the possible reasons for the promoted products not showing up on the search results? 

A: Sellers can check on: 

  • campaign budget
  • campaign schedule
  • quantity of the product
  • bid price and whether it is competitive
  • relevance score of the existing keywords, and add more keywords to the campaign

Sellers can also reach out to Lazada seller support if they additional help is required.

Q: I have set up my campaigns but I only see my competitor's promoted products. What can be the possible reason? 

A: This could mean your competitor is bidding for the same keyword at a higher bid. It may also be due to your competitor's campaign status, budget and/or relevance.

VIII. Checking your campaign's effectivity

Q: What are the available reports?

A: Lazada provides a range of reports that make it easy to analyze the campaign performance and measure success. Once you have launched your campaign, you can view account; campaign; product; and keyword reports on the reporting page.

Q: Will I be able to export my promoted products data? 

A: Yes, you may export in excel format.

Q: Can I see the changes made to my promoted products? 

A: Yes, you may view change history of only the past 30 days.

Q: How long will my promoted products data be available? 

A: The promoted products data is available for a period of only 90 days.

Q: Does Lazada Sponsored services identify bad clicks? 

A: Lazada's Sponsored services engine uses automated system to detect invalid clicks. Invalid clicks are clicks on promoted products that Lazada considers to be illegitimate such as unintentional clicks or fraudulent or errors by the system. These clicks will be removed and the amount is credited to back up the invalid charges you've accrued.

Q: What is the attribution window?

A: Lazada Sponsored services report units sold and revenue within 30 days of lookback window from the promoted products click.

Content credit: Lazada Seller Help Center  

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