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All your ecommerce operations and marketing across marketplaces worldwide in one dashboard. Ads, stock, price, campaigns, and data insights under your control.

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Manual tasks operated in siloes are now powered by automation with

Connect marketplaces

Create & automate your online campaigns across marketplaces from one dashboard. Set budgets, and track your performance in real time

Manage catalog & price

Learn from your shopper behaviour to manage your catalog efficiently. Optimize prices and product rank to improve your return on ad spend

Optimize advertising

Don't let your ad money go to waste by optimizing your campaigns manually. Create workflows that limit your spending and optimize for scale with hyperautomation


Create customized reports based on your business needs and analyze data on daily basis with your teams in one execution hub

Collaborate with teams

Collaborate with your teams, agencies, partners for all operations in one dashboard. Write, comment, approve for every workflow

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Pricing plans start at $99/month
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Epsilo's search management tool is a lifesaver that helps our teams manage our on-site search buying and optimisation efficiently at scale. The Epsilo team was excellent with response time and demonstrated know-how to win in search via their thorough reports.

Bei Xi Teh, Ecommerce Manager, Colgate Palmolive

Ecommerce demands a change in old ways of working and increased emphasis on advertising on the platforms. Doing this effectively requires new tools, automation, and data-driven insights. From automating our on-site search optimisation to creating a real time visibility of our sales performance, Epsilo helped transform our ideas into reality.

Jitu Bordoloi, Regional Ecommerce Manager

Epsilo shows the power of automation, it shows the power of technology and it shows the power of data. These types [positive] of results can be seen across multiple platforms and is a huge gain for our brand that we witnessed in the past quarter and will continue to do so moving forward

Akshay Singh, Head of Ecommerce, Xiaomi

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